Been working with Jason for roughly 8 months with programming and nutrition. I've been bulking/ maintaining for three months coming off a major back surgery and I've already gained 30 pounds relatively lean. All lifts have went up and he really had to specialize my routine because of my back surgery but he put in the time and programmed around things I couldn't do. I would recommend Jason VanEpps and anyone he approves with full confidence! Super knowledgable and has a reason and explanation for anything in his programming! So go hire him!

     - Christopher Thomas

I've currently been working with Jason the past couple months and i must say im very impressed. I originally came to him when i realized how knowledgeable he was with all the reverse dieting controversy. I assumed if he could debunk something that was "proven" by science to be correct he must be knowledgeable enough to do his own research. He's very patient and is very quick with his replies. I'd most definitely recommend him even for the people that think they don't need a coach. People need to understand that most of the time even top athletes need coaches to keep them from making subconscious decisions based off what they see on the mirror or the scale.

     - Richard Trinh

Before I ran into Jason I always had problems reaching obtaining goals that I had set for myself. I have always been able to do the reading, and participate in the practice of lifting and dieting but could never seem to quite make progress like I should have. I hired a couple trainers before hand and simply had no luck despite following their (expensive) directions. Jason made it simple, but kept the research-based evidence attached. In the course of a year or so, I had essentially recomped myself into my goals. Since then, I have been able to raise the bar and continue on my fitness journey. The best thing about Jason, was that he bestowed his knowledge on me, and helped me get educated. I can train completely self-sufficient, but still choose to hire Jason as a consultant. Finally, Jason charges a fraction compared to other trainers.

     - Andrew Ables

I’ve been training and exercising for around 7 years, with the last 2 years being void of any progress. Being the stubborn person that I was, I thought I could manage on my own by just grinding it out, but those 2 years were filled with nothing but excess work, stress and disappointment. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and that I was going to need some help, so I contacted Jason. Jason has been able to get me back into progressing in both strength and size and my only regret was that I have not come to this conclusion any sooner. Jason has also been very friendly and patient with many questions that I’ve had, which included subjects from nutrition, hypertrophy, fatigue management, and even muscular symmetry. He’s also open to giving a logical response to questions about his program, where as some trainers/coaches would fall back to “just trust me”, which has made him even more credible in my eyes. If you’re on the fence about hiring an online coach, I would strongly recommend starting with Jason, with another benefit being that the price he charges is reasonable.

     - Michael Koh

I started working with Jason in July 2016, after having worked with a personal trainer to learn how to lift weights and eat healthy for about 9 months. I thought I had reached my peak performance and didn’t think I could make much more improvement, but I really wanted to! With Jason’s help, I was able to reduce bodyfat and significantly improve my strength and physique. Jason helped me discover that I was capable of achieving my goals. When I failed, he encouraged me. When I succeeded, he celebrated with me. I have learned so much from him about nutrition and training, above and beyond what I expected.
Jason truly has a gift for coaching and training. He knows when to make adjustments to my lifting program or nutrition, and is very good with communicating online. I know that I can go to him with questions any time and get a logical and honest answer. And the best part is, of course, the results! I look and feel better now at age 46 than I did in my 20’s. I highly recommend Jason. You won’t regret hiring him.

     - Wendy Bailey