Simple Recipe: Turkey Zucchini Lasagna or Some Shit

Threw together a little recipe last night I thought I'd share because it turned out magnificently good and has awesome macros. Zucchini, turkey, cheese, mushrooms and onions, and sauce is about all it is. I did use some olive oil in the cooking process that I didn't count, but that is easy to avoid. I would also rather make this with 99% lean turkey and add a couple servings of fat free cheese for additional protein, but this is how I made it last night.

 I'm a master of naming dishes apparently.

I'm a master of naming dishes apparently.


We had some zucchini and some turkey we'd been needing to eat, and I thought just browned turkey with cheese and zucchini on the side sounded boring. I decided to attempt a sort of lasagna.

First I got the sauce going in a small pot. I've really been loving the Hunt's Garlic and Herb Pasta sauce lately, it's low calories and extremely versatile. You just gotta cook the shitty canned taste out of it. I also add some stuff when doing that, and the past two batches were my favorite yet. 

Before adding anything though I started by sauteing a good amount garlic in a little bit of olive oil to add to it. I hate adding raw garlic to anything so I always saute it to get the raw flavor out before adding it to anything. I use as little olive oil as will get the job done.

After that I'm not sure how much I added of each ingredient but some combo of the below i is awesome. I gave a rough approximation of how much I used in my own terms lol.

-Lite salt (I almost always use this to get potassium intake up)
-Italian seasoning blend (lots of this)
-Rosemary (a little)
-Thyme (a little)
-Oregano (I understand these last three are in the Italian blend but I like a little extra of them)
-Black pepper (good amount)
-Garlic powder (good amount, not pictured because I ran out after making this last night)
-Paprika (just a little)
-Cumin (even less than paprika)
-Tabasco (4-5 dashes maybe? I also often use chipotle powder instead, which goes well with the paprika and cumin, or Sriracha which goes well with all the garlic)


After getting the sauce going I started sauteing a smallish sweet onion (chopped) and a can of mushrooms (chopped) in a pan with a bit of olive oil with another good amount of garlic. I cooked those until the onions were pretty transparent with a lid on, stirring here and there, and then let them crisp up a bit with the lid off after the oil was gone.

While doing that I got a pound of 93/7 ground turkey in a pan and added some more garlic, I might have a garlic problem. I used minced garlic all 3 times I used it here because I really hate using and cleaning garlic presses, but fresh would be ideal. I let that brown up, stirring as needed. I seasoned it simply with lite salt, black pepper, and garlic powder (because obviously more garlic is needed).

I sliced 2 zucchini and salted the slices on paper towels to get some moisture out. I let them sit there about 15min then dripped a small amount of olive oil in a medium sized casserole dish and wiped it around to grease the dish to get it ready to put it all together.

Once the turkey was browned and the onions and mushrooms were done I layered the dish like this (listed top to bottom for the visual):

Layer of cheese (Reduced fat mexican blend in this case)
Second layer of zucchini
Layer of onions and mushrooms
Layer of sauce
Layer of turkey
Bottom layer of zucchini

Bake for 30-45min at 350 and you get this:


I was honestly shocked at how good it turned out. I'll defnitely be making it again soon, and experimenting with ways to make it even more macro friendly.

Stay tuned for more recipes!