Jason VanEpps is one of the few "evidence based" coaches out there who truly understands what the "evidence" means- he not only stays on top of the latest research, but most importantly knows how to apply it. He is one of those guys who is ALWAYS learning- he never takes offense, he never backs down from a discussion, and he is willing to adjust his beliefs and understanding when proven wrong. This makes him one of the names I can trust in the business, knowing that he'll review the literature without bias, analyze and adopt best practices from coaches who have proven track records, and consult with the best minds in the business. 
One thing I noted a while back: Jason is one of the few people I have seen post impressive pictures of his client's massing phases, which impressed me tremendously.  Anybody can starve his clients into losing weight- it takes perfection of the craft to build quality mass with minimal waste. This, to me, is a sign of mastery.

     - Alex Viada, Founder and head coach, Complete Human Performance Inc.

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If you're looking for sugar-coated banalities or saccharine motivational outbursts, Jason VanEpps is not your man. But if you're looking for a deeper level of insight and a commitment to skepticism and truth-seeking rarely found in the fitness industry, look no further. Jason combines his sharp wit with a tireless search for knowledge; knowledge that he's uniquely skilled at conveying to those who are very interested in fitness concepts and issues but may not have the technical background to want to sort through academic jargon and datasets. Just as he's an insightful and commited source of information on all things fitness, he's an insightful and dedicated coach to his clients. If you choose to work with him, it's best to come hungry not just for instructions on HOW to get leaner and more fit, but on WHY. Because Jason, unlike many others, doesn't prescribe the how's until he's deeply understood the why's. And if both results and depth of understanding is something you're looking for, Jason can help.

     - Dr. Mike Israetel, professor of Exercise Science at Temple University, Head Science Consultant at Renaissance Periodization

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In a mess of coaches who rely on magic and imagination, Jason is one of the few who can be trusted to use science and experience.

     - Alan Aragon, Nutrition Advisor for Men's Health magazine, Published Sports Nutrition Researcher.



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Jason VanEpps is one of the few guys in fitness who knows his shit in and out and has no agenda. I actually learned about this asshole from an argument I had with him, but since then he's earned my respect and is one of my go-to people when I need an opinion. Not only does his own transformation speak for himself, but unlike many other fitness "pros" he has a portfolio of clients that show that he's capable of taking anyone from point A to point B. Trust that you're in good hands when working with him.

     - Dick Talens, Founder of Fitocracy, trained Miss America 2013, "Binge Eating Cereal Entrepreneur" (in his words).

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Jason is about as no BS as it gets. If you want a coach who is more hard nosed and won't feed you lies, this is your guy.

     - Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, board certified Family Medicine Physician and a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.