How to be Full on Stage - Peaking Tips from Gavin

I've said it many times before, but I'll reitterate.

When peaking for a show there are 4 components that are needed to create a full look, one of those should be done ahead of time.

1. Get ready early. If you're stage lean early, then the hard work is already done. You can add food in as you go into the show to facilitate continued elevated training performance. Water retention, unless you're utilizing alot of compounds that aromitize or are using exogenous growth hormone orpeptides that induce water retention, will not be an issue. 99% of the time if you think you're holding water, it's not water it's fat.

2. Water should not be something that should be cut to an extreme extent. Cutting water removes a key component of glycogen. As glycogen is glucose and water using sodium as a cotransporter. Cut water you have no efficient way to induce glycogenesis. Not only that but you'll be flat as a result.

3. Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates should be implimented at a high degree in the days leading into the show. But as said before, they should be paired with water to produce glycogen. All bodybuilders know about loading carbohydrates, but many make the mistake of dry loading which doesn't exactly make sense from a physiological perspective.

4. Sodium. First of all, I'll put this out there. Dropping sodium doesn't lower serium sodium levels. Instead it will lower blood pressure and will impair uptake of muscle glycogen. With blood pressure down, good luck getting a pump.

After the show when you have your meal, many will notice they're fuller and more vascular. It's not from the junk food, it's from the addition of sodium and the fact that you had water with that meal.

Something to think about folks