Full Introduction - Jason VanEpps

I figure I should do a more complete intro so here it goes.

My name is Jason VanEpps. I am the founding coach of EBP Coaching. I started out in fitness in June 2012 after watching a fat shaming video someone posted on some forums. At that point I was just a fat gamer with no life, and did very little but play counter strike, smoke, drink, and eat. I ate a lot.

I started getting into shape around 285lbs (5'10-11), and within the first year lost over 100lbs, getting down to about 180. I had started with herbalife (lol) because my family sold it, but after a couple weeks I had lost about 15lbs but barely any inches on my waist. I realized the protein was nonexistent and I had likely lost muscle. I had started reading about dieting and liked the sound of keto diets, so I started one of those. Protein was too low and calories were very low for my size too, but it worked great and adherence was fairly easy.

While i was doing this I kept reading and teaching myself constantly. I realized how much I enjoyed the field and decided I wanted to make a career out of it. I had stumbled into some good sources such as Lyle McDonald and Alan Aragon and learned how to wade through the bullshit. I read Lyle's Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, and toyed with that diet with great success. The fast results were very motivating for me and it's what I used to get to my lowest weight of 180, and it's my go-to diet for cutting now.

Around this time I started posting in fb groups, commenting and helping people. I began to be recognized for my knowledge, especially in the IIFYM official group. I offered to be an admin there and continued becoming more recognized, and I attracted the attention of some big names such as Alan and Lyle.

Although I had been coaching friends and a few others for quite a few months, I started really coaching commercially in the beginning of 2014. I did no marketing at all, and instead focused on gaining respect for my knowledge, especially by the big fish in the industry. I've succeeded greatly in that aspect, which makes me incredibly happy.

This year we will be expanding a lot, with a possible Youtube channel and apparel coming. Our goal is to spread evidence based methods as far and wide as we can. I just started posting blogs (obviously) and will continue to do so regularly, with my other coaches submitting content too.

Here's a more recent pic of me in the 220's.  Jenny will be pissed I posted it because its her favorite lol.