Client Spotlight: Matthew is down 36LBS!!!

Matthew weighed 271 when he came to me at the end of the first week in February. He majored in exercise science and trained with Mike Israetel for about 4 months, so knows quite a bit about training and diet. He had always been the "big guy" and was fine with it, and competed in sports where that was a good thing. However he decided he wanted to train more for aesthetics, and lost 105lbs, going from 335 to 230. He came to me after a few months where he disregarded diet and had gained some of it back, to take the guess work out and just have a plan to follow.

Matthew is a great example of how a plan can work when it's followed. At first his progress was a bit slow, but he never got discouraged and just stayed consistent. He trusted me to adjust it as needed. After we lowered calories a few times we found a sweet spot for him, and his results started coming faster, which made staying motivated even easier for him. He checks in consistently, adheres well, and has an awesome attitude. He makes my job easy and makes me look good in the process!

If you have a goal to lose weight or become healthier and want some guidance contact us, we want to help you make it happen! We are always looking for those motivated to reach their goals who aren't sure how, or do know how but want someone else to handle it for them to make it easier. Mention Matthew and get $50 off any 3 month package or $100 off any 6 month package!