Importance of Progress Pics

I wrote this as a Facebook post last summer, and it's principles apply to me again now actually.

Taking progress pics regularly is very important. Recently I started an extreme cut from a terrible starting point after a period of letting life bullshit kill my motivation and make me fat. At the end of the cut when I was going to raise calories some to recomp I got very sick for a week and ate way too much, and then never really recovered and continued eating like shit. I regained weight back to my starting point before the extreme cut. I've felt very fat and it killed my self image, but i never stopped lifting my ass off. When I look in the mirror now I feel obese, and I technically am obese as my bmi is over 30. But looking back at older pics the difference is phenomenal. Just realizing how much I've gained has been motivating in itself, and I'm being much more adherent now. Body dysmorphia is rampant in this industry, and sometimes all it takes is a scroll through your gallery to change your outlook when you're feeling bad about a setback.

The first pic was the beginning of June, second was August 12th. 215 in both pics, I'm 5'10-11. Not exactly the same pose but midsection is flexed in each.