DNP and Blaha's Inability to Debate

This is a controversial post which got me blocked by Jason Blaha, who decided to ignore my points and just talk about Bostin Loyd's penis. I'll be updating it again later to address one more issue it can cause but I'd like to get it posted now. If you'd like to read the comments (I highly advise it if you like to be entertained) the original post is here:

Ok, time to do some more edumacating.

Recently Bostin Loyd talked about using DNP in his prep, which spurred videos from Jason Blaha, Marc Lobliner, and now an article by Steve Shaw saying that DNP is the devil and is sneaking around looking for innocent people to kill with 3 grains of itself. Well maybe that's not how they worded it, but it was along those lines. While DNP can be very dangerous, they are overstating the risks and are flat out wrong in some of their assumptions, and I think the record needs to be set straight. I am not saying anyone should use dnp, but anyone considering it should have accurate into to make that decision.

First of all lets get some history. You've probably heard DNP has been used as a pesticide and in explosives. That is very true. It's also been used as a yellow dye, and anyone that's used it can testify to its effectiveness in that regard. However i find it a bit unsettling that people that claim to follow research and want to debunk myths would resort to juvenile fear mongering tactics like food babe uses. Anyone remember the yoga mat chemical used in subway food bullshit from food babe? This is the same thing. What uses a chemical has in other industries is irrelevant to its effects when consumed by humans, it's sad I even have to type this.

DNP was first used for weight loss in the 1930s, and over 100k people in the US alone used it. It was eventually taken off the market for side effects, mostly cataracts, that later showed to not really be an issue (the incidence rate is about .1% iirc). There was a good amount of research done on humans in that decade, and 3-5mg/kg has shown to be pretty safe when the subject isn't allergic to it. Over 100k people used it by prescription or otc in that time.

It went away for awhile, and reappeared in the 1980s when a Dr. Bachynsky started treating patients with it. He treated about 14000 people with it. You know how many died? 1. And it was a suicide. Most of the deaths are either suicide or stupidly high doses. More recently there have been more deaths, which can likely be attributed to its recent popularity, and also the lack of good info on the drug. Fatal doses are usually 20-50mg/kg, which is way above whats recommended. At the time of the paper cited below there had been 62 deaths ever in the literature, and not many were accidental od's.

Now lets talk about what DNP actually is. It is a mitochondrial uncoupler. In laymens terms (im a laymen in this field so its the best i can do lol), it makes atp production inefficient by allowing protons to leak across the mitochondrial membrane, which are released as heat instead of being converted to atp. It comes with about a 10% metabolic increase (for crystal) for every 100mg used, so compared to anything else it's insanely effective. It hasn't shown any mechanism of harm apart from the heat, which is what kills people. Your body has to radiate the heat outwards, and when you take too much and can't do that it can lead to hyperthermia, which can kill you. Tolerances can vary wildly, so its very important to increase slowly.

The side effects can be absolutely horrible. Low doses for longer periods are better than higher doses for shorter because of the sides. 125-250mg will cause very little or no sides for most and will still be very effective. 250mg is almost as strong as clen and t3 combined. Jason talked a lot about the sides, but the things he mentioned only happen on higher doses. 500mg+ and youll likely sweat like a whore in church all day. It will smell like a chemical manufacturing plant. You could be exhausted just sitting still. You might crave carbs like nothing you've ever experienced. Its pretty akin to being on week 10 of a gram of test, not having sex for those 10 weeks, and then going to strip club. You'll want sugar just as much as you'd want to take one of those strippers to the back and hope you last a respectable time after such a long break. Strength loss really isn't a huge issue if you can manage to lift, it kills work capacity way more than strength. You'll likely want to sleep on a layer or two of towels, and invest in a few bottles of febreeze or get used to washing your sheets daily. Don't expect much intimate cuddling time with your significant other, and expect to feel on the verge of death after sex, if you even have the energy to have it. You'll probably get light headed when you stand up too fast, and might feel nauseous after taking it. You wont want to be in public much, and when you are everyone will wonder if youre detoxing from heroine because of how sweaty you are. Get used to waking up freezing covered in sweat and having to fall back asleep on soaked towels or sheets. It's definitely not fun, but it's very effective. Or you could just avoid all those sides and the risks by taking a lower dose. I advise that method.

If you decide you want to take the risk, I'll briefly outline how to do it right. It takes time to build up in your system, so it's VERY important to wait at least 3 days before increasing dose. I'd advise waiting at least a week if you're increasing to above 500mg, which I don't recommend at all, but can be fine for some. It's best to start at either 125 or 250mg, and watch body temp carefully. If your body temp starts to raise you're likely taking too much, and if it goes over 99 you should immediately stop use, and possibly seek help if you're feeling very bad. The best way to survive an accidental overdose is a drug that you wont find outside of a hospital, so if you think you took too much find one immediately. I like to take it at night so i sleep through the sides. However if you're taking a large dose you might want to split it night and morning. I don't notice sides longer than about 8 hours.

One more thing to address before finishing this, Jason made one point that i think is right but also insanely wrong at the same time. He stated that ugl's (underground labs for those not drug savvy) are the ones making it and it could be dosed wrong. While i agree that sourcing it is the biggest danger with proper use, it's a bit silly to worry too much about that. Ugls know very well the risks of dnp, and a highly overdosed batch isn't likely. If you start slow as you should i don't really see overdosing just by accidentally using an overdosed batch. It simply isn't that hard to cap pills at a certain mg, i don,t see anyone being off by that much, especially with this drug. However it is very important, like with all drugs you have to get from a ugl, to do your research and find a good source, and be aware of the fact it wasn't made at Pfizer and might not be what you think it is.

I'm sure i left things out and will edit this, i didn't rewatch the videos before making this and stopped reading Steve's article when he said it shouldn't ever be used by anyone so I'm sure they made more invalid points i haven't addressed. Apart from the references I'll post below, the best resource on the topic is a man who uses the handle conciliator on various forums. He was going to write a book on it at some point and never got around to it. Even Lyle McDonald refers to conciliator as the authority on this, and everyone should check out Lyle's recent book that briefly discusses DNP (SFS Patch).

A message to the rest of the industry:

None of us want people dying from drugs that they use to look better, or win a show. But there's absolutely no reason to bullshit about things because they can be dangerous. That's how you lose credibility and get ignored. The community is full of adults who are completely capable of making their own decisions, and giving them accurate info to make those decisions based on is very important in my opinion.

Now I'm off to buy beer to return to the aftermath of this post.
(most of the other references I'd include are cited in that paper, I can post more by request later if needed)