Coaching Packages

What Does Our Coaching Entail?

Our coaching is complete fitness coaching, meaning everything fitness related is handled. Nutrition, training, supplements. It's all customized to each clients goals and preferences, and can be changed whenever needed or wanted. We have our clients check in regularly and are always available to answer questions. We also like to explain to clients why they're doing what they are so they're not just blindly following a program. We track client progress and do whatever we can to help the client reach their goals. Your success is our success.  

EBP Coaching

At EBP Coaching, we put your success above all else. Our highly qualified coaches will personally customize every facet of your training and nutrition plan, enabling you to reach your goals in the most efficient way. Every tailored plan that EBP creates is backed by the most current evidence in the fitness and nutrition industry, and our coaches are experts in executing and interpreting all of the data to help our customers understand the ‘why’ of what we do. There is a drive to build strong relationships between the clients at EBP Coaching, we like them to feel comfortable discussing anything with us.

With EBP Coaching it is very dialogue based, as opposed to question/answer format. We like to work with our clients, not for them. The client will have a lot of input, unless they prefer not to. There is lots of variation between clients with EBP as it's all very highly customized. We generally have a lot of contact with EBP clients and long conversations are normal. Most contact is through FB and potentially email, although we also can do texting and Skyping for those that want it.


Monthly:  Monthly packages are recommended for those that only need a month or two, or those that want to test it out for a month before committing to longer.

Nutrition and training:  
$175 a month

Just nutrition OR training:  
$100 a month

Multiple Month Packages:  EBP coaching also offers long term coaching starting at two months and can be extended indefinitely. These services are highly recommended as it gives more time to learn from our staff and reach your goals, as well as being a more cost efficient option.

Nutrition and training:

3 Months: $450
6 Months: $850
12 Months: $1500

Nutrition OR training:

3 Months: $250
6 Months: $450
12 Months: $800

Payment and Signing Up

Our preferred payment method is Paypal, although we accept alternative methods if that is a problem. The easiest way to contact us is by clicking this contact us link and filling out the form.

You can also message our Facebook page, or message us directly on Facebook. If you want to work with a certain coach you can contact them directly, otherwise you can message the Facebook page (click the bold links below) or email/message Jason and we can discuss which coach will fit you best. To help us make that decision a quick description about yourself and goals is great.

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